What is Topless Golf?

Imagine a round of golf: a handful of friends playing eighteen holes, involved a casual, yet competitive game. Sure, it can be a relaxing and fun way to pass time, but wouldn’t the game be more exciting if some of the players were topless? Sports fans agree, so the concept of topless golf was born.

Topless golf was started by Playboy, a magazine dedicated to men’s interests. The company’s topless golf team originated around the start of the 21st century, but the idea has now caught onto everyday, recreational games. On specified golf courses, men and women golfers can enjoy an otherwise normal game, with the exception of optional clothing. For the most part, men keep their shirts on while playing, but girls wear only a skirt or the bottom half of a bikini. Topless sports are played with the same rules and regulations; there is just more visual interest in each game.

Ask around and see how you can get invited to an upcoming topless golf event, even though they usually have some rules attached. Typically, men have to pay to enter, but the fee for women golfers is optional. Clothing can be minimal from the chest down, although most women wear a bikini. Topless sports are worth checking out. They add an exciting twist to playing games you already love.

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